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Vein and Vascular Specific Exams, Diagnostic Tests and Dynamic Notes & Letters:  (back)
To keep up with the ever growing vein industry, EMRgence has created an exciting new module of vein and vascular specific templates meant to assist providers and technicians with patient encounters, and eradicate the use of pen and paper.  The templates are driven with check boxes, drop down listings, custom text selections or free flowing text boxes which are simple enough to be completed during a patient visit.  The easy to use forms speed up the encounter documentation process, prevent mistakes due to illegible handwriting or omissions of information, and eliminate the need for subsequent transcription or note processing.  The provider simply reviews the resulting note, report or letter and electronically authorizes it with a signature.

Some of the current physician's exam and technician's diagnostic testing templates include the following:

  • Vein or Vascular History & Physical Exam (Long and Short, and follow-ups)
  • EVLT
  • Closure Fast
  • Sclerotherapy Injections
  • Microphlebectomy
  • Venous Mapping
  • Bilateral Arterial Duplex, Pressures and Velocities
  • Venous Duplex & Venous Reflux
  • AV Graft
  • Venous and Branch Insufficiency
  • Non Invasive Venous Studies
  • Transcranial Sonogram
  • Carotid Ultrasound (and follow-ups)
  • Lower and Upper Venous Images

Because certain notes and letters do not contain any actual medical information, we have broken the section into two groups: administrative and physician's letters.  The administrative section includes letters such as:

  • Excuse for today's visit or family member excuse for today's surgery or visit
  • Out of work letter or return to work letter
  • Hospital Procedure Authorization Letter
  • Medical Release Authorization
  • Claim Rejection Letter
  • Consent forms for Venous Closure, Radiofrequency Venous Closure or Sclerotherapy

The physician's section includes notes, reports and letters such as:

  • New patient referral letter or first visit notes
  • Op Note Laser or Radiofrequency
  • Vascular Report
  • Venous Mapping
  • Carotid Arteries Studies
  • Non Invasive Arterial Exams
  • EVLT with and without stabs
  • Bilateral Arterial Pressures and Velocities
  • Dialysis Graft Scan
  • Transcranial Doppler Study
  • Ultrasound reports and follow up letter
  • Preauthorization or predetermination letters
  • Referral request letter or refer to another MD letter
  • Screening letter
  • Surgical follow-up letter