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Top 10 Reasons to Use an EMR:

  1. No one can read your notes or clinical plan (not even you!)

  1. Your drawing skills are lacking and your acting is lousy (need visual aids)

  1. You have no idea from whom or where your patients are coming (and need to adjust your advertising budget, send out thank you notes and extend outreach)

  1. You want to be perceived by your peers and patients as high tech and efficient (like your vein treatments)

  1. You want to leave your office at the end of the day and not stack, dictate or touch your charts again (point of service completion of chart)

  1. Your transcriptionist can't understand your dictating or spelling of Giacomini or the difference in the Saphenous Veins

  1. You have no idea who is paying what for which procedure (net to your practice)

  1. You want access to patient outcomes - costs, complications, clinical result (pay for performance)

  1. You want to save money and spend more time living and less time working without compromising patient care or practice results (black belt, body building, playing with kids or just sleeping in)

  1. You want to get your piece of the Obama HIT stimulus for EMR assimilation into your practice ($44K over 5 years)