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Client Testimonials:

"I am a full time Phlebologist and was looking for an electronic medical record that was tailored to the needs of a phlebology practice. I have been using VeinSpec for 4 years.  By eliminating my billing service and using a part time private biller I have been able to save $100K per year, from year one. The staff at VeinSpec have been responsive to my individual needs and I cannot imagine practicing without this system. I am happy to recommend this product and this company without reservation."  Tracy Brito MD, InnovaMed Veins, Rockford, IL

"VeinSpec Emr has met and exceeded all of our expectations. We worked with other systems which turned out to be slow and cumbersome. With the VeinSpec system we are easily able to follow patients at any one of our three centers. This is "THE" system for any vein practice."  Ali Meslemani, MD, Metro Vein Centers, West Bloomfield, MI

"Two years ago I decided to open my own vein practice.  Finding the right electronic medical record system was my number one priority and happily I found VeinSpec and met the good folks who designed it.  Next to my ultrasound and laser it has been my most  important tool.  I have used it very successfully to build my vein practice and to expand to several other locations.  Without a doubt, it was the right choice for me and I have recommended VeinSpec to several colleagues."  Stephen Rivard, MD,  Illinois Vein Specialists, Lake Barrington, IL

"We have only been open for 6 months and not sure  we would be operating with this high of revenues without Veinspec. The program is well thought out.  Veinspec coupled with Zirmed puts our practice on solid footing."   Susan Hancock, MD, Hancock Vein, Newport News, VA

(EMRgence, Electronic Medical Records System Review)
I would like to start out with a disclosure, I am in no way affiliated with Emrgence, other than that I am solely a user of their EMR system, and I would like to give an honest review for potential customers to be able to make an informed decision for themselves. I have used 3 other EMR systems in the past, and Emrgence has been superior overall, to these other EMR systems. EMRgence will give your practice its own server, which has never been offline or inaccessible. There is remote access from any computer to the EMR dashboard.  The server is backed up, so there is no fear of losing or maintaining the data. EMRgence definitely is striving for perfection.  I have now used EMRgence over the past 15 months, and to sum it up, I can say it is a reputable company, that I would recommend.  Scott Warner, Desert Vein Clinic, Brawley, CA        To read more click here.