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Electronic Data and Voice File Storage(back)

Stop collecting paper and old tape recordings!  Let the VeinSpec EMR system collect them for you. With a built in document management system in place, files, records, forms, letters, and any other types of written or voice documentation can be stored and tracked electronically and forever eliminate the need for file folders and cabinets bulging with reams of paper. Our system will provide storage & security for not only your written documents, but all applicable wav and voice files as well.  

Whether formalized or informal, based on a computer system or performed manually, most offices need some sort of system to address questions related to managing documents including: Where will we keep them? How much can we afford to store them and for how long? How do we organize them? How will we retrieve files? How do we protect against the loss, tampering or destruction of them? How do we keep sensitive information hidden?

The efficient and cost effective answer to these questions is the VeinSpec EMR System.