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In today's challenging and ever changing business world, documentation plays an important role in any successful company. Focused on quality and reliability, EMRgence, LLC has developed a vein and vascular specific electronic medical records practice management solution, VeinSpec EMR, targeted specifically at the phlebology / vascular practice.  With its robust platform in place, you will have access to its numerous dynamic attributes, as well as the ability to access all of your current software applications through one single portal.

The VeinSpec EMR system is an easy to use, self contained platform that can be accessed remotely twenty four hours a day. It contains the provider's ever critical feature of a daily, weekly and monthly calendar, and has the ability to automatically send schedules directly to the physician's PDA or cell phone. 

VeinSpec EMR has harnessed the power of a single all inclusive medical records office management tool and made it available for use at a desktop level.   Rather than having to access several different software systems on one or more computers within an office, the VeinSpec EMR system combines your vital applications under one robust platform.    

With privacy being so important in today's business world, the platform includes of a secure internal messaging system that never allows your transmitted correspondence to leave the confines of the office walls.  The messages are sent via a secure internal channel that is blocked from access to an outside phone line, email or internet outlet. 

Have you ever needed information from your desktop computer after business hours or on a weekend?  Or maybe you've needed to fax a document to someone and the office is closed, or you're out of town.  The VeinSpec EMR system will allow you to securely access your office computer from any remote location, retrieve the required documents, and fax and/or email documents as needed.