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Multi User - Multi Facility Scheduling:  (back)

We all know how important a calendar is to the medical professional.  Patient appointments occur and change on a day to day, and sometimes hour to hour basis.  The VeinSpec EMR system allows 24 hour remote access to its calendar, and is formatted so that each service provider can view not only his/her individual daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, but those of any other office provider. 

The multi facility feature allows for appointments to be scheduled on one master calendar, but be identified specifically by facility location. Appointments may also be double booked if desired by the practice. Any notes added to a patient's appointment may be viewed with a simple rollover of the mouse. The calendar also permits direct access to the client/patient master portfolio for review and/or update as required.

The calendar is updated immediately upon the change of patient appointment statuses and colored coded for ease of viewing and recognition.  When patient status is changed to "arrived", a patient encounter file is automatically established and prepopulated with the appointment specifics (i.e. provider, type of visit, comments).