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Electronic Medical Billing:  (back)

EMRgence has developed a dynamic, robust billing system as part of its VeinSpec EMR platform. Because patient information is so dynamic, a fully integrated system (one that combines medical billing, scheduling, and electronic medical records) offers broader access to patient demographic information and eliminates redundant data entry, thus reducing entry errors. The VeinSpec EMR patient demographic files and practice management tools combine to provide a powerful foundation for the encounter development and billing process. From the automatic creation and pre-population of patient encounters, to the ability to effectively handle referrals, authorizations, multiple service providers and facilities, multiple procedure and diagnosis codes, modifiers, primary, secondary, tertiary and patient billings, the VeinSpec EMR billing process is a comprehensive engine.

With the onset of HIPAA, the era of paper claims is quickly coming to an end. Therefore, it is essential to have the ability to send your claims electronically. Due to the complexity and wide variety of both commercial and government payers, EMRgence has partnered with one of the country's premier clearinghouses, ZirMed, who will receive batches of claims electronically (typically via the Internet) from a practice, and then direct those claims to the appropriate payers. The benefits of using a clearinghouse include speed (you can send a batch of claims to multiple payers with a few keystrokes) and quicker reimbursement (claims sent electronically are often paid within 14 days of receipt of the claim). The ZirMed Clearinghouse features a secure, Web-based interface for fast claims submission and tracking with connections to over 2,000 payers nationwide, including all major commercial and government payers. With ZirMed, your claims and billing processes are executed, tracked, and controlled with optimal precision and effectiveness, while your practice workflow gains new levels of efficiency.  As a result, the practice is able to focus on what matters most: its patients.

In addition to claims processing, ZirMed offers electronic insurance eligibility verification and remittance processing.  Eligibility verification is used to accurately identify patient insurance coverage and co-pay responsibility. All eligibility verification transactions are performed in real-time (results in as little as 30 seconds) and are fully HIPAA compliant.  Remittance processing eliminates the collection of paper EOB's (explanation of benefits), and instead allows for the electronic collection, tracking and maintenance of all insurance payment information from nearly 500 payers nationwide in one easy to use location. You will have the ability to access all EOB's and remittance checks from payers before you ever receive the actual check in the mail.  This will give you a head start on posting insurance payments, then filing secondary claims or balance due patient statements, and assist in maintaining better controls over your outstanding accounts receivable balances.