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Dynamic Notes and Letters: (back)
Do you currently dictate notes and letters, spend hard earned money having them transcribed, and then have to review and edit all the work anyway?  Or do you spend an abundance of time "after hours" finishing up patient notes, pre-authorization and other required letters on your own?  Even with the help of pre-designed templates or letter formats, you are still spending too many hours of your personal time duplicating your work efforts, and diminishing the quality of your life. VeinSpec EMR has the tools to give you back that time and money.

With its dynamic pre-population feature, all of your exam notes and required letters can be automatically populated from the checked boxes, drop-down listing choices, custom text boxes, and free flowing text entered into each exam or diagnostic test as it is occurring. Once your patient encounter is complete, so are your notes and letters. We can even have your letterhead and electronic signature loaded into the system for ease of printing all notes and letters.