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Cancellation Queue:  (back)

A famous rule in sales is that 20% of your customers will generate 80% of your sales. The same will likely hold true when it come to cancellations and no-shows at your practice: roughly 20% of your patients will account for 80% of your cancellations and no-shows. For this reason, it's a good idea to track patients who have failed to show for an appointment or who repeatedly cancel.  You can do this by utilizing the calendar appointment status feature to identify all no-shows, cancellations and rescheduled appointments. You can then generate a report of patients with a history of no-shows/cancels/reschedules, and add pop-up reminders that appear when they come into the office or when you schedule a new appointment for them.

This advice sounds simple enough, but if you are running a busy practice, it's often difficult enough just to find any available time for a patient, much less one that is at the most convenient point in the day for the patient. In these cases, the cancellation queue can play a big role in reducing no-shows and cancellations, thereby increasing revenues.

This feature can also be used when an appointment must be scheduled at a less than ideal time for the patient, or your calendar is booked weeks or months ahead, you can store the patient's name in the "Cancellation Queue" feature, so that when other cancellations come in, you have the opportunity to move that patient to his/her preferred time. This added level of service not only reduces no-shows, it will also greatly enhance your reputation and overall patient retention rate.