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Electronic Medical Records        

Vein & Vascular Specific

Multi User / facility scheduling

Detailed User Dashboard

Appointment reminder calls

Cancellation Queue

Dynamic notes and letters

Medical billing

24/7 remote access

Data and voice file storage

Disaster recovery plan                


Reduction in labor costs
Reduction in paper costs
Streamline clinical and financial management workflow for provider
Increase in claim reimbursement, thus increase in cash flow
Increase in quality of life with time savings

Work with high level specialized forms & terminology
Eliminate the need to "make due" with generic software

Unlimited simultaneous users, thereby no waiting for login availability
Multi user access to same patient file at same time
Cost savings due to elimination of interoffice networking
Time savings of not duplicating databases
Increased security by not having to transport patient records to satellites

Central location to manage all daily calls, requests, or issues
Safe, secure interoffice communication system
Instant text messaging

Reduction in time from calling patients
Reduction in patient no-shows
Better Utilization of employee hours

Increase in customer friendly scheduling
Reduction in lost revenues due to cancellations

Elimination of transcription and associated costs
Streamline clinical workflow for providers and technicians
Ability to customize notes and letters

Increase revenue from elimination of undercoding services
Time saving from increased provider efficiency
Faster claim processing and payment turnaround time
Decrease in claim denials and problems

Instant access to patient information in case of any emergency
Time savings from extra trips back to the office
Allow sick employees to work from home if necessary

Decrease in document retrieval time
Improve storage space in an office (reduction in need for file cabinets)
Reduction in data protection costs (no more tape based backups)

Assurance that patient files are safe
Backups ensuring that data is safe from corruption or viruses
Time savings from non-recreation of data after a disaster